The Web App
Web has been a popular platform for Sociohouse, it's time to change that up a bit.
20 December 2021

Web App was the second platform we ever added to our service, it has been hard for us to maintain that, especially since the web app has fallen out of popularity, it doesn't serve the same purpose anymore like it did when we released it. On 24 December 2021, the Web App will seize to function, the web page would begin to redirect all traffic to

Reason for this Change

The web app has fallen out of favour, web itself, in our opinion is not an ideal platform to release a social media app, it limits us in terms of what we can offer, and is not something we think is our future. The web is a great platform for building blogs, or anything not constrained by scale, and the amount of features, for us, it has stopped us from adding so many features we anticipated, and it would be unfair for us to offer 1 feature to one community, and not the other.
Further more, the web app doesn't even have half the features, it's basically a lite version for Sociohouse, not something we ever wanted to make. In the last month itself, 95% of our traffic was from the iOS App, the remaining 5% was shared by our landing page, and the web app.


We look at Sociohouse as something that pushes the concept of Social Media further, the web app has constrained us in a lot of ways to achieve those standards, and bascause of that, we've decided to shut it down completely. We will stick with our promise of never adding ads, or any form of personalised advertisements. Stay Safe, Take Care, and See Ya!