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13 November 2021

Howdy 🤠!

Sociohouse has decided to start it's own blog, yes, this has been delayed for quite a long time, due to the iOS App releases, etc. now, it's happening. This is how the blog will look like in a month from today:

  • Technical blog posts
  • Posts related to public houses
  • Monthly dev blogs

Of course we have way bigger plans with the blog, and we have a lot of stuff coming soon to and the Sociohouse iOS/Web app.

This blog can help Sociohouse bring out important issues related to the company, and community to the spotlight, and share more information with our community, this will help us to make sure whatever features we're releasing our worthwhile, and we're always sticking to the company's goals of building a safe social media service, ad-free.

That's it for this announcement, have a safe and productive week ahead of you, take care, and see you all next time.
The Sociohouse Team.