A Social Media campaign to boost climate change awareness, and take action now.
25 November 2021

In my last post, I outlined how Climate Change will affect us, and how it is already impacting us in many ways. This post is an extension to that. We're introducing a Social Media Campaign.


Almost 8 in 10 Australians use Social Media every single day. Social Media has a huge impact on our day to day lives, we use social networks to share informations, and connect with people. We can use social media platforms for much more! This includes: Climate change information, and social media campaigns.


Let's assume a 1000 people read this blog post, and 10% end up sharing this post, and assuming 100 people have at least 10 followers, and 2 of the 10 end up viewing the post... 1000 + 200 = 1200 impact score. This doesn't sound much, but, we haven't taken other factors into consideration, i.e. 200 people who view the post then share it, and what if more than 2/10 followers view the post.

Climate Change sooner or later will impact us for the worse, unless we cut back on our emissions, and focus more on our planet. Last time humans came together, and banned CFCs, and HFCs... Ozone Layer started to recover, and is projected to heal completely by 2030s.

What if humans come together, yet again, and help save our planet for generations to come, and... there is nothing wrong in preserving our environment, and taking care of our home.


To conclude, Climate change will affect us in the future, if we fail to take action. Protesting against the "Net-Zero by 2050/2100" policy is important, and social media is one of the peaceful way of doing so. One of the ways you can contribute to the cause is using social media, and spreading awareness through informative posts, and statistics. Socio Inc. strongly believes that humans can come together and reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on our planet.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you learnt something new. Stay safe, and take care. See ya.