Chronic Dawg 🎧
Our recent collaboration with an upcoming artist, Chronic Dawg.
22 December 2021


We recently collaborated with our close friend, Chronic Dawg, on his 2nd Studio EP, The Oblivion. A couple of weeks before this, we collaborated on some other internal Sociohouse projects, and really liked how it turned out, we then collaborated on some of Chronic's music, and here we are now, all of the music used in our content from now on will be based around Chronic's music, a win-win for both of us, we get original music, and Chronic gets some recogonition for his work. Let us explain a little bit more about how this project will work out:

Starting today, everything you see on our social channels will be composed by Chronic Dawg, this includes all background music, and some sound effects, in exchange, we help Chronic gain some recogonition in his field, and produce more music, and release more EPs/LPs.

Released today, Chronic's 2nd EP is widely used in our marketing campaign, and other social channel content, we have plans to release more music, and help both of us build our careers.

A Short post, but, hopefully, it sums up our collaboration, and future projects together.
Take care, stay safe, and have an amazing rest of the week!